An Idaho youth football team had one helluva weekend.

Idaho Statesman reports the Boise Black Knights were on their way home from a championship win at the Bay Area Spring Football League Tournament of Champions in San Jose when they saw a couple in trouble. The team's head coach, Rudy Jackson, said when they saw a red Jeep flip over on U.S. Route 95, they immediately sprung into action. The coach and the team, which comprises of kids ages 12-14, were able to push the upside-down car up enough for the couple in peril to escape.

"We had to stop and become heroes. It was just a little adversity ... It's almost an unreal story," said Jackson.

A player on the team, Regan Magill, who also recorded the viral clip which can be viewed above, shared his thoughts on the ordeal as well.

"We stopped because we care about others before ourselves," he said. "We just wanted to know if they were OK. It wasn't really something we thought about. We just instantly pulled over."

Idaho State Senator, Mike Crapo, later praised the team on Twitter. "Gratitude abound for the Boise Black Knights in jumping to the rescue to help fellow travelers!" read his tweet.

As KTVB's co-anchor Doug Petcash put it, they went from knights on the football field to "knights in shining armor."

It was an ideal moment to be at the right place at the right time. Luckily for the couple, the team was there to lend several hands. Go team!