Last week, an article from MarketWatch circulated the web after reporting that by the time an adult human reaches the age of 35, they should have double their annual salary saved in the bank. You heard me. Your salary times two. *Cue panic mode.*

As Mashable points out, a popular new meme is now turning that advice on its head, by making light of impossible indicators of success for those adults, like myself, who certainly don't have their sh*t together. The “by age 35” meme provides some comic relief to people who are nowhere close to the aforementioned financial goal. Some of the tasks, like the one below, are totally achievable, which should make us all feel better about ourselves. 

Others are completely ridiculous, which makes sense because who can save double their salary by the time they're 35? And who can really spell “bananas” without Gwen Stefani?

Luckily I still have plenty of time until I reach the golden age of 35, but good luck to the rest of y’all. Time is ticking, so check some other tasks you should complete by 35 below.