Streaming porn can be more secure than before, now that Pornhub is launching its own VPN (virtual private network) service with free and unlimited bandwidth, according to the Verge.

The company’s new service titled VPBHUB will keep users' data on the down low while helping them “avoid ISP throttling and geographic limitations.” The VPN is available and compatible with Mac and Windows, as well as iOS and Android for Pornhub’s premium members. Users can also opt for a $12.99 premium option that offers no ads and faster connections. 

To access the VPN, download the VPNHUB app on your chosen device and follow the set-up instructions. To make sure Pornhub is indeed protecting your privacy, Verge suggests users go to a site like If Pornhub’s VPN is working, it’ll list your location as a random city with a different IP address. Though Pornhub offers its services globally, the new VPN won’t be available in countries like Myanmar, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. It also “might be blocked” in countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and China.

Pornhub decided to create the service because, according to the company’s vice president Corey Price, incognito browsers don’t offer enough privacy from “prying eyes,” especially if users are still using public wi-fi networks. "With 90 million visitors a day, the vast majority of whom are using devices on the go, it’s especially important that we continue to ensure the privacy of our users," Price told Hypebeast.

Last month, Pornhub announced it would be supporting cryptocurrency and allowing users to make anonymous payments to the site—another measure to protect users' privacy.