A man in New Jersey has been arrested after a bizarre incident involving the kidnapping of the perpetrator's boss in search of money for child support.

North Jersey reports that last Thursday, Luis Vasconez, 37, called his boss at Aura Car & Limo where he was a trainee, pleading with him to help pay his child support.

His boss later told police that he had agreed to pay for the child support, but Vasconez took things too far when he came into work the next day brandishing a utility knife demanding more money.

Vasconez then reportedly threatened his boss' life, saying "I have nothing to lose, I'll kill you."

He then forced his boss to drive to a nearby bank at knifepoint while making threats that he had a gun concealed in his bag. When the pair arrived at the bank, Vasconez's boss entered and was able to alert the teller to lock the doors.

The police arrived shortly after and arrested Vasconez, charging him with kidnapping, robbery, unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes, and terroristic threats. He's awaiting further court action in Bergen County Jail.