It’s no shocker that Donald Trump, like many of us, has been keeping up with the Stormy Daniels saga since the pair's alleged affair hit the front page of media outlets everywhere in January. But instead of picking up a copy of the New York Times or watching CNN, the White House paid $27,000 to track news stories a day after Daniels announced her lawsuit against Trump.

According to the New York Post, the money paid for services from TVEyes, a company that monitors media coverage from print, TV, and radio outlets. The payment was reportedly made on March 7, the day after Daniels filed to free herself from a nondisclosure agreement about the one-night stand. TMZ reported that the service was used to track news about the affair, but the federal procurement documents are not clear on what stories TVEyes was asked to keep tabs on. A source from the White House told the Post that the payment was part of a four-year agreement, and the company will monitor dozens of topics in a similar fashion to how it did for the Obama administration.

Daniels went on 60 Minutes last Sunday to discuss the alleged affair, telling Anderson Cooper how she was physically threatened to keep quiet about the incident. 

In other Trump news, the president went on a Twitter tirade yesterday attacking the USPS and Amazon over a recent packaging deal. Jeff Bezos, owner and founder of Amazon, also owns Washington Post, which is one of the many news outlets carefully covering the Stormy Daniels saga. Go figure.