Irish cops found one of the biggest cannabis hauls ever in Northern Ireland.

According to the Irish Times, approximately $1.8 million worth of cannabis was intercepted on Friday in a cross-border drug trafficking operation. The Police Service of Ireland, mail service AGS, and Irish customs officers cracked down on the incident. Authorities were appalled when they found the supply.

Two men (aged 32 and 37) were charged, but six people were arrested and have since been released on bail, including a 71-year-old man, two 68-year-old women, and a 42-year-old woman. The official offenses include the import of, possession of, and intent to distribute a Class B drug.

The Guardian reports the incident was gang-related. The shipment was also located within an industrial-sized fuel tank.

The duo's court date is April 2.

Similar to the United States Drug Enforcement Agency's categorization of cannabis as a schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act, marijuana is listed as a Class B drug under Ireland's Misuse of Drugs Act, initially passed in 1977.

Meanwhile, cannabis advocates are fighting to legalize medical marijuana, according to Cannabis Now. A big part of the movement is removing cannabis from drug classifications under decades-old and outdated national legislation.