A tour bus crash in North Korea’s North Hwanghae province on Sunday night has left 36 people dead,  of which 32 were Chinese tourists. According to the BBC, Chinese media footage shows the tour bus flipped over entirely, with a portion of its frame critically broken. 

Chinese tourists comprise the majority of North Korea’s foreign visitors with up to 80 percent, hence being the most significant currency booster for Pyongyang. Additionally, China is North Korea’s main ally in the region, as well as its biggest trading partner.

As the BBC reports, Chinese government broadcaster CGTN tweeted that over 30 Chinese tourists were killed in the wreck, which saw the blue bus dive off a bridge but deleted the post shortly after. 

As for tourism to North Korea in general, while there aren’t any specific, official figures, it’s believed that around 100,000 visitors enter the country every year. Naturally, they’re under close watch and restrictions regarding freedom of movement and activity. Stay tuned as we keep our eye on any developments in terms of fatalities and cause of the crash.