As Mashable observed, there’s a new meme in town. This one, however, isn’t your typical image with superimposed text, or juxtaposing multiple images against each other to elucidate some kind of point. The “kick down the stairs” meme is an ASCII-based effort that pits two ideas against each other—one of which clearly dominates the other, viciously booting it from the high ground. 

ASCII, for those of you less nerdy than me, stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange, and was developed as a means to electronically communicate in the early 1960s, building off of the achievements made by telegraph technology. Of course, like most technology, people usually find a way to use it to watch porn. As you might expect, some of the more bizarre and absurd of the opinions made through this kind of meme are, the better. For example, this thing has got people strongly arguing about blue cheese and ranch. 

With any popularized meme comes a plethora of variety—you can make political points through this, debate Britney vs. The Beatles (how dare you), or take it to the meta extreme by using the meme within itself. Without any further explanation, enjoy these creative creations from our most ingenious internet users.