People on Twitter will drag anything and everything for the sake of a few favs and retweets, and this computer-generated composite photo of a suspected burglar is no different. 

The computer-generated image comes from the Warwickshire Police Department in the UK, who were hoping it would help them track down the suspect. He is accused of robbing a woman’s house with the help of another man back in February. 

The image is, admittedly, more reminiscent of a funny Instagram filter than it is a hardened criminal, and people wasted no time pointing that out.

People also compared the burglar’s likeness to a plethora of other things, quickly turning it into a hilarious meme—to which the police responded by asking everyone to settle down.

"Could you describe the burglar?" "So you know Henry J. Waternoose the third from Monsters Inc.? He looked like that"

— Boubacar Bamsey (@ryan_bamz) April 3, 2018