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A naked man attacked two passengers on an early morning train in Washington, D.C., according to Fox 5. The man, 24-year-old Deon Tyrel Toye, reportedly assaulted two riders of the Red Line train.

Toye reportedly entered the station with clothes on but took them off at some point. He was taken into custody inside the Dupont Circle metro station.

Naked subject arrested at Dupont Circle this morning identified as Deon Tyrel TOYE, 24, of District Heights. Updated charges: Robbery Force & Violence, Threats in a Menacing Manner, Threats to do Bodily Harm. #wmata

— Metro Transit Police (@MetroTransitPD) April 12, 2018

The attack was caught on tape. Check out footage below.

FOX 5 EXCLUSIVE: Video from a witness shows a naked man allegedly assaulting a passenger on a D.C. Metro train. MORE:

— FOX 5 DC (@fox5dc) April 12, 2018

The man who recorded the footage shared his perspective on the incident.

"I go to the back window, start recording, and he walks up to a guy and assaults him, starts punching him in the face," Phillip Banks told Fox 5. "Then he jumps on the guy again, when the train stops the guy jumps off, the naked guy grabs his bag and everything."

Another witness stated Toye exited the train at DuPont and did "naked calisthenics." The passengers reportedly rallied together to keep him from getting back on the train.

Update: here’s the naked guy on metro this morning - video shows him walking through the train and assaulting a rider (not the rider in this pic)

— Steve Chenevey FOX5 (@stevechenevey) April 12, 2018

Update: witnesses say naked metro guy was naked on the train, assaulted someone while naked on train, exited train at DuPont then did naked calisthenics on the platform...

— Steve Chenevey FOX5 (@stevechenevey) April 12, 2018

"Then he attempts to get back on the train we're on, but me and another guy wouldn't allow him to get back on the train because there were a bunch of elderly women on the train, so we weren't having that,” Banks said.

The injuries the victims suffered are not believed to be serious. WUSA-TV reports police believe Toye may have been under the influence of a drug.