While the nation is still reeling after George Stephanopoulos’ 20/20 interview with former FBI Director James Comey on Sunday, users on social media are pretty preoccupied with Kellyanne Conway’s reaction to the scathing tell-all of sorts.

Conway came on ABC’s Good Morning America on Monday and called out Comey for essentially selling his soul for a book deal instead of testifying under oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee last year. Sadly for Conway, whatever points she was trying to make were overshadowed by an unfortunately unflattering screenshot seemingly captured by Jordan Uhl (@jordanuhl) on Twitter. What happened next could be described as nothing less but meme madness (and magic.)

In case you didn't catch the segment, Comey called Trump "morally unfit to be president," and basically called him a pathological liar. As explosive as this interview was, it's Conway who's in the limelight this morning. I guess we have to get our laughs where we can, considering democracy as we know it is basically crumbling all around us.

So, we can forgive, or perhaps even thank, Twitter users (including yours truly) for having a little fun. I mean, the jokes pretty much write themselves on this one, folks.