Cops raided a 37-year-old man's house in a village outside of Hong Kong, China and found $2 million worth of cannabis.

Law enforcement found 1,205 cannabis plants, worth $16 million in local currency which converts to 2 million USD. The South China Morning Post reports the man was arrested immediately and has since been charged with having an indoor cannabis farm. This was one of the most massive raids since 328 bags of cannabis buds were seized in January 2017.

There was also equipment to accompany the operation, including solar lights, soil, nutrient solution, dehumidifiers and air conditioners. Apparently, the operation had been going on for six months.

Another man, a 45-year-old tenant of the building, was also arrested (but has since been released on bail) for suspicious he was involved with cultivation efforts.

Now, the police are looking into whether any plants have been sold since the operation was set up.

Drug charges for cannabis vary depending on where you are in the world (and what your race is)—or even in the United States. While states like Vermont push forward with recreational cannabis policies, you can serve a long time in prison for home growing.

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