A Halifax-based cartoonist is garnering national attention for an illustration touching on the recent Canadian tragedies in Toronto and Humboldt, Saskatchewan.

Halifax cartoonist Michael de Adder says he was simply trying to bring a bit of positivity to a horrible situation with the cartoon.

The cartoon, published in the aftermath of Monday’s horrific van attack in Toronto that killed 10 people and injured 14, shows two young boys wearing hockey sweaters sitting on a bench, hockey sticks by their sides.

The boys, one wearing a blue and white Toronto Maple Leafs jersey  and the other wearing a green and yellow Humboldt Broncos jersey have their arms around one another.

De Adder said his comforting cartoon was the result of an evening of struggle to come up with what he thought would be an appropriate response to Monday's tragedy in Toronto.

“The reality is, I’m just happy to perhaps in a small way add a little bit of positivity in a very negative situation, so that’s all I’m trying to accomplish with that cartoon,” de Adder said.