A former stripper has received a six-figure inheritance from a client she met just months before his death. The customer, the New York Post reports, was HBO executive and IT director Micky Liu. Liu met the beautiful Veronica Beckham at the Atlantic City Scores strip club back in July 2014. Less than a year after their meeting, the 50-year-old was found dead in his apartment in Manhattan.

Beckham received the money after winning a challenge against her inheritance from Liu’s family. The 34-year-old claims that she and Liu had an “everlasting friendship,” which is why he made her the beneficiary of his retirement accounts and a life insurance policy—a combined worth of $223,000.

But Liu’s sister May claims that Beckham scammed her brother. “Beckham, as a professional exotic dancer, was adept at applying and using coercion and manipulation upon men,” May alleged in court documents.

The ex-dancer, however, says that their relationship was never sexual and has denied that she is a gold digger. “We had more of an everlasting friendship,” she said in a deposition. “None of the stuff about me enticing him into naming me as a beneficiary is true. I was very hurt by the lurid and untrue allegations.”

The case turned in Beckham's favor when Justice Rita Mella resolved that only prior beneficiaries, such as the executive’s former girlfriend, could sue for the funds. But Liu’s sister hasn’t given up.“We’re reviewing the decision,” said her attorney, Stephen Holihan.

Beckham is now a Miami-based stylist, with her clients including rapper Flo Rida.