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During this past Sunday's 60 Minutes, when airing a profile on The Harvard Lampoon, Harvard senior Tom Waddick, who doubles as a Lampoon staff member, recounted a tale of a fairly innocuous prank that was pulled on Donald Trump back when he was still a presidential candidate in 2015.

The practical joke, such as it was, saw the Lampoon's staff members pretending to be the editorial board for the school newspaper, the Harvard Crimson, so they could endorse Trump. It was summed up by The Hill like so:

In the summer of 2015, the Lampoon staffers stole the so-called "president’s chair" from the offices of the campus newspaper, the Harvard Crimson.

The Lampoon staff brought the chair, which Waddick said weighs “about 150, 200 pounds,” to Trump Tower in Manhattan and, posing as the editorial board of the Crimson, offered the candidate their “endorsement."

The staff then took a picture with Trump which was subsequently published on the internet alongside the headline "Crimson Endorses Trump For President." 

For all their effort (you may have noticed that that chair was heavy, and the staff doesn't exactly appear to be comprised of bodybuilders), they were allegedly threatened with expulsion by Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen.

"He says, you know, ‘I’m gonna come up to Harvard. You’re all gonna get expelled," Waddick recalled. "‘If this photo gets out, you’ll be outta that school faster than you know it. I can be up there tomorrow.’" If nothing else, young comedy writers getting threatened with puffed up but ultimately toothless threats from attack dog lawyers is a good life lesson.

Anyways, as for Cohen, earlier on Monday he had his office and home raided by the FBI, which would seem to indicate that he has far bigger things to be concerned about at the moment.