President Donald Trump is never one to shy away from a Twitter rant, and he closed out March with a big one directed at Amazon's deal with the U.S. Post Office. Trump incorrectly claimed that deal would negatively impact the USPS and cause "billions of dollars" in loses, despite Associated Press reporting that federal regulars found the deal to be "profitable" for the USPS. Deadline reports that Amazon's stock and the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell after he tweeted about the deal over the Easter weekend.

It remains to be seen how long his comments will impact the company, but considering how Trump has often accused Amazon CEO and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos of using the publication as a lobbying tool, it's possible that Trump won't stop attacking Amazon anytime soon.

The New York Times investigated Trump's claims regarding the Post Service's losses of "$1.50 on average for each package it delivers for Amazon" and came to the conclusion that their losses cannot be linked to just Amazon.