For every woke YouTuber spreading the progressive gospel, there seems to be five more ignorant ones getting into some real stupid shit—like cementing one’s head into microwave. Today, it’s YouTuber Chad Prather who’s in the hot seat for a dumb comment he made on Twitter about the Austin bombings. “Where are the marches and protests for bomb control,” he wrote. 

SMH. Naturally, users on Twitter roasted him until he was well done.

However, as the clapbacks came rolling in, Prather attempted to defend himself with some pro-gun rhetoric. “Bombs are already illegal yet being used to murder people. So you’d like to make guns illegal which will accomplish what? I just proved to you that illegal things still murder people. Do you have a clue yet? I’m doubting it,” he wrote.

I’m no social statistician, but if you pit the numbers of people killed by bombs against firearms in the U.S., something tells me the latter will far outweigh the former. And call me crazy, but it may have something to do with the fact that bombs are illegal and hard to come by. Meanwhile, you can buy a gun at Walmart.