A woman in Washington, D.C. put every “Hi, my name is Karen, and I’d like to speak to your manager” to shame by scoring a $10,000 voucher from United Airlines. Pause for an applause break. However, Allison Preiss says getting the airline at the center of the puppy-gate scandal to cough up the dough was no easy feat.

Preiss was on her way from Washington Dulles International Airport to Austin, Texas on Thursday morning when airline staff starting asking passengers to volunteer their seats on the overbooked flight. When no one did, the airline told Preiss that she had to forfeit her seat, since she had paid the lowest fare. TF? Naturally, Preiss was pretty annoyed, especially since she was en route to a friend’s bachelorette party, so she took to Twitter to vent. Then, one airline worker tried to backpedal, telling Preiss that she was bumped because the plane had a broken seat. Hmm...

That’s when the gate agents attempted to negotiate. First they offered her a $2,000 voucher. Ever the baller, Preiss said she’d prefer a check (same). They were about to write her a check for $650, when one agent offered her a seat on the next plane and a $10,000 voucher. The offer is in line with the airline’s new cap for passengers who offer up their seats. Back in April 2017, United raised it to $10,000 after a passenger was pretty badly banged up after being dragged off a plane for refusing to forfeit his seat.

“I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty pumped,” Preiss said about the deal. Users on Twitter were pretty pumped too.