Alas, the clouds have yet to part on Donald Trump’s Stormy Daniels controversy. (See what I did there?) The story of their alleged 2006 affair has taken another bizarre turn. As The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday, Trump’s lawyer has apparently been sounding off to friends that he has not been repaid the $130,000 he gave Daniels to keep quiet about her relationship with our current President, as part of a non-disclosure agreement. That anyone would have to be paid to keep the fact that they slept with Donald Trump a secret is well beyond my comprehension, but I digress.

Anyway, as the story goes, Michael Cohen paid Daniels’ (née Stephanie Clifford) attorney the hefty sum from his own pockets, as he was unable to find Trump when it came time to make the deal. Color me not surprised.

Cohen’s bank reportedly flagged the transaction and brought it to the attention of the Treasury Department. Given the circumstances, Clifford allegedly threatened to cancel the deal just prior to the election. (If only!) While Cohen admits to making the payment, he claims that in so doing, he didn’t violate any campaign finance laws.

Daniels’ manager contends that Cohen’s comments on the matter nullify the NDA, which if true means Stormy is free to sip some serious tea with the American public.

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