For all those who thrive off the incessant quest for all things spooky, this latest Google Maps ghost sighting will have you feeling pretty creeped-out. This image of an eerie, transparent head of what appears to be a young girl/woman was spotted in a street-view style shot in the Mexican town of Delicias.

The alleged apparition looks almost doll-like with a pale complexion, ginger hair, and dark eyes. Users claim to have spotted the alleged ghost after zooming into an image that also shows a residential house with a red car parked in front of it. The British tabloid Daily Star appears to be the only source for the actual screenshot of the Google Maps image, which some are claiming points to foul-play. In addition, the Daily Star's write-up gives no mention of any specific address, street, or even general location of the ghostly girl's position, so if you go searching for her online, all you have to look out for is a red car with a Yankee logo in the back window. 

Some are saying the ghost in question is creepy. Others are convinced that this is proof of real-world paranormal activity. You can decide for yourself whether this blurry screenshot is enough to prove the existence of spectral beings, but just know, this wouldn't be the first time a weird Google Maps image turned out to have some bizarre explanation.