If you’re just now joining us, today is International Women’s Day, but for men, that means dutifully checking to see if they have a special holiday of their own. Nevermind that all of human history has essentially been one, very long celebration of men, Google searches for the parallel holiday spike every March. 

Upworthy’s Parker Molloy pointed out the phenomenon via Twitter, noting that Google searches for International Men’s Day are higher today than they are for the actual holiday itself. If you didn’t know, International Men’s Day is a real holiday that takes place on November 19. Judging from the number of searches, a lot of men don’t know that there is a special day where they can celebrate themselves that is somehow different from their day-to-day enjoyment of various male privileges.

International Men’s Day was founded in 1992 and is used to “promote male role models, combat gender stereotypes, and tackle gender equality issues that specifically affect men,” according to Daily Dot, but of course, many men have used it as an opportunity to spread toxic masculinity.

On the flip side, searches for International Women’s Day, as pointed out by the Daily Dot, do not spike at all in November. That means that on International Men’s Day, women remain unbothered, while on International Women’s Day, a lot of "large adult sons" become upset about the fact women have an entire holiday that isn't related to men in any way.