U.S. Senator Rand Paul was tackled by his Kentucky neighbor last year, resulting in broken ribs following the attack. His neighbor, Rene Boucher, has pleaded guilty to a federal charge today, the Associated Press reports. Charged with assaulting a member of congress, Boucher said that the attack was sparked by an argument over their lawns.

“He is looking forward to closure on all of this once and for all,” explained Boucher's attorney. “He still feels as though he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. He and his neighbor have had a long-standing disagreement, and it just finally boiled over... this yard issue.” A June 15 sentencing date for Boucher has been set, with federal prosecutors looking to give him a 21-month prison sentence. Boucher's attorney says he's seeking probation, however. The charge can carry up to ten years in prison as well as a hefty $250,000 fine.

According to Associated Press, Boucher has agreed to pay restitution to Paul, but the amount will be confirmed during the sentencing later this year. Paul suffered from multiple broken ribs in the attack, but returned to Washington less than two weeks after. He developed pneumonia when he returned to Kentucky. He's since said he's recovering from the attack.

Boucher has explained that the attack was not politically motivated, but was merely over a property dispute. He is currently free on bond.