The NRA is being accused of circulating a fake photograph and video of Emma González, Parkland shooting survivor and vocal #NeverAgain advocate, ripping up a copy of the constitution. A GIF of González ripping the photo began spreading via verified pages.

The original photo was taken from a Teen Vogue photo shoot featuring González and some of her Parkland classmates. What she is actually ripping is a paper target. Teen Vogue tweeted the cover with with the caption: "We, the youth of the United States, have built a new movement to denounce gun violence and call for safety in all of our communities. This is only the beginning."

The cover quickly elicited responses from both Trump supporters and NRA supporters, condemning the message. One woman responded to the photo, calling González and her classmates "little oppressors."

González and her classmates have been vocal opponents of gun violence since witnessing the death of 14 students and three staff members at her Florida high school. At the March For Our Lives rally held in D.C., Gonzalez took to the stage in front of half a million attendees and remained silent for six minutes and 20 seconds—the same amount of time it took confessed shooter Nikolas Cruz, 19, to kill and injure his victims.

"Everyone who was there understands, who has been touched by the cold grip of gun violence understands," she said in her speech. "For us, long, tearful, chaotic hours in the scorching afternoon sun were spent not knowing."