You’re gonna need a helmet for this one, folks, because this story is going to make you want to bang your head against the wall.

In the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, officials at the school have told students that, upon their return from spring break next week, they will be required to wear ID badges on campus and carry clear plastic backpacks. You know a man had to come up with this one, because how TF is a menstruating teen girl supposed to carry her tampons discreetly now? But I digress...

I guess in lieu of sane gun control laws, the school district has resorted to inconveniencing its students after the trauma of being shot at. As per ABC News, Superintendent Robert Runcie said the students will be provided with the backpacks free of charge (um...they better be). The policy is just one of many measures being taken to beef up security at the school. "We’re going to be able to man every gate at the school during school hours and for after-school activities," said Runcie. "We are also going to funnel students and visitors to confined points and wand folks [people with portable scanners] like you’d see in airports and so forth."

While there have been smaller incidents at the school since the shooting—two students were arrested for bringing knives to school on unrelated occasions, and another was arrested for making a threat on Snapchat—one can’t help but wonder if these measures will actually do anything to solve the issue of mass shootings. Surely, shifting the onus from Congress to students is hardly a solution to our nation’s gun violence issue. Meanwhile, the suspected gunman’s brother Zachary Cruz was arrested for allegedly trespassing on campus on Monday.