Move over McDonald’s, you’re not the only fast food chain speaking up for women on this international holiday. The longtime feminist advocates/fried chicken connoisseurs over at KFC Malaysia have decided to switch out Colonel Sanders for an image of his wife on their logo for International Women's Day

“KFC Malaysia recognizes and celebrates that our people are the key to our success," a spokesperson for KFC told BuzzFeed News. "The recognition of Claudia Sanders on International Women’s Day is also dedicated to celebrating every KFCer whose ideas, hard work, and passion contribute to making our organization stronger.”

Claudia isn’t just some made-up woman conceived to sway half the population into buying chicken. According to BuzzFeed she was the colonel’s real-life second wife, and before that his mistress. A written entry by the colonel’s daughter Margaret says Claudia helped him out during his first marriage when he needed her the most. “Neither promiscuous nor a whoremonger, Father nevertheless had a libido which required a healthy, willing partner," she wrote. "He found one in young Claudia." Neat!


Even though Reba McEntire recently became the first woman to play Colonel Sanders in the chain’s commercials, the only fast food joint I trust on this IWD is Dairy Queen for staying dedicated to the matriarchy year-round. But there’s still so much time left in the day for other brands to temporarily change their name or logo for feminism! How about Jill in the Box? Burger Queen? Chick-fil-Ayyy I Just Want Equal Pay?

Of course people on Twitter dragged KFC, because I guess not everyone *gets* it. Enjoy the backlash below.