My native Californian self is shook over this, you guys. A vlogger named Cody Roeder, aka Trollmunchies, is being sued for posing as west coast burger chain In-N-Out’s CEO, Eater LA reports. Some internet personalities seem to take their pranks a little (or a lot) too far. 

Roeder decided to show up to In-N-Out locations, masquerading as the company’s new CEO to critique the food and cleanliness of the establishment, all while being filmed, naturally. In one instance, he even went into the kitchen and demanded a taste test. In-N-Out didn’t get the joke, which is why they’re hitting Trollmunchies with a restraining order and suing him for $25,000 in damages.

In-N-Out’s attorney and executive vice president, Arnie Wensinger, said in a statement that the company has been plagued by “an increase of visitors to our stores, who are not customers but instead are intentionally disruptive and who then try to promote themselves through social media. These visitors have unfortunately used deceit, fraud, and trespass to their own advantage, and in each instance, they have attempted to humiliate, offend, or otherwise make our Customers or Associates uncomfortable. We believe that we must act now and we will continue to take action in the future to protect our Customers and Associates from these disruptions.”

As funny as Roeder initially thought this was, In-N-Out stands to make quite the pretty penny from his thirst for internet fame. 

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