In these #MeToo times we’re living, some of us ladies may dream of getting away from it all. And by all, I mean men. Well, you’re dreams could become a reality. All you need is a ticket to Finland, an "amazing personality," and probably a lot of money. SuperShe Island, which is located in Finland, is a private getaway where no men are allowed. On Monday,  Kristina Roth, the entrepreneur who founded SuperShe, spoke with CNN Travel about the retreat.

The island accommodates 10 people in four luxury cabins. Guests have accesses to a host of wellness activities and ways in which to bond with one another. "We're the average of the five people we surround ourselves with," Roth reasons, “And my philosophy is if you surround yourself with amazing women -- and if you can bring together amazing women globally -- then you're going to be the average of that group.”

SuperShe actually started of as a female driven networking site and lifestyle blog. In a somewhat strange twist of fate, it was actually Roth’s Finnish boyfriend who introduced her to Finland, which then prompted her to buy the island. Before you pack your bags, I have to burst your bubble. For the time being, Roth picks visitors to her island herself. If you think you may be worthy of a visit, keep in mind what Roth looks for: "The number one, number one thing that's important for me is that you have an amazing personality -- like upbeat, cool personality -- because you're on [an] island.” 

Good luck.