This administration doesn't have the best track record when it comes to social media or fact checking. Consider this yet another example.

Yesterday (March 3rd), the official Twitter account for the GOP celebrated Women's History Month by tweeting a fun fact (or, more accurately, an alternative fact): that Trump has placed more women in Cabinet positions than any previous President. "He's empowering ALL Americans with his winning agenda #WomensHistoryMonth," it reads. The GOP tweet flew under the radar at first, until Donald Trump, Jr. retweeted it, thereby increasing its visibility. That turned out to be an unwise move. Why? Because aside from the GOP's poor judgment in celebrating Trump (a man) during Women's History Month, the tweet is completely false.

Once the statement picked up steam, people on Twitter came bearing receipts, proving that former President Barack Obama had seven women serving in Cabinet-level positions by the end of his term (making up 30.4 percent of senior positions) as opposed to Trump's 24 percent.

Twitter users also dug up a September report from the The Guardian that completely debunks the GOP's assertion about Trump's pro-women hiring streak. It found that 80 percent of top nominations had been given to men. "Without a significant shift, men will outnumber women four-to-one in top positions of the Trump administration," The Guardian determined, adding that the president is "on track to assemble the most male dominated federal government in nearly a quarter century."

The "empowering ALL Americans with his winning agenda" part of the tweet is especially troubling, given Trump's own scandals involving women. People were quick to remind the GOP of our President's confession to grabbing women "by the pussy" and his claims that he'd date Ivanka Trump if she weren't his daughter.

It's also worth noting that the White House continues to be a revolving door as a number of women have left or have announced their resignations, including Hope Hicks, Dina Powell, K.T. McFarland, and Katie Walsh.