I’ve been trying not to curse as much, but fuck this. Some fuckboy on the internet was trying to test everyone’s patience with some trash Tumblr post about wanting to fight feminists. The original post from user true-blue-brit read, “I’d never hurt a lady, but I’d be happy to punch a feminist. It would bring me great joy.” What in the fresh hell is this crap? As David-After-Dentist would say, “Is this real life?” (Mind you, I’ve been asking myself that question since November 6th, 2016.)

Anyway, the account has since been deleted, but there’s better news: the collective response to this misogynist noise was decidedly perfect, with male and female tumblr-ers alike taking off their metaphorical hoops to fight this troll.

As per usual, Twitter users caught on and offered their full-throated support. If he really wants to punch a feminist, he's now got plenty of options to choose from, but he wouldn't be wise to take them up on it. 

Anyway, true-blue-brit, sorry I'm not sorry that your mother didn't hug you enough or that you got turned down to prom. Good job, internet. High fives all around.