As the saying goes, “age ain’t nothing but a number.” But I guess after a certain point (if you’re lucky) that number may become a little hard to remember.

Such was the case for this badass nonagenarian, who cannot believe just how old he really is.

If you're going to watch the video while at work, best to do it with the sound off because the dialogue is definitely filled with expletives. It starts off with the man’s son asking his father how old he is. “Seventy-nine,” the elderly man flatly answers.

Turns out he was a few years off—about 19 of them, to be precise.

The cursing senior citizen is 98 and will be 99 this summer. “Your ass! I am not ninety-eight years old,” the man’s father claps back, when his son tells him his real age. “Holy fuck!” the elderly man goes on, “Jeez, I’m going to be an old fucking man.”

Just to put it all in perspective, this guy was born all the way back in 1919. That was a long, long time ago. 

I guess the secret to living a long life is speaking your fucking mind. Get ‘em, Grandpa.