Terry Crewssexual assault lawsuit against the WME agent Adam Venit has been sent to the Los Angeles District Attorney. “A case was presented to our office on February 6 by the Los Angeles Police Department involving Adam Venit and is under review,” L.A. County D.A. spokesman Ricardo Santiago told Deadline. Crews’ claims are reportedly being investigated for possible criminal charges.

After D.A. Jackie Lacey and his special task force review the report, Venit’s case could be prosecuted or thrown out or could be sent to City Attorney Mike Feuer to be tried for misdemeanor charges and potential prison time.

Crews initially opened up about the story in October 2017, alleging that Venit groped Crews’ genitals in 2016. Afterwards the agent—who’s the head of WME’s Motion Picture Group—was placed on a month-long suspension. But Crews didn’t believe that was enough, and subsequently reported the incident to the Los Angeles Police Department in Nov. 2017. A month later, he took legal action against Venit, seeking monetary and punitive damages for assault, battery, sexual battery, sexual harassment, gender violence, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The details of the lawsuit are fairly alarming. Crews claimed Venit stared at him “like a rabid dog, sticking his tongue in and out of his mouth provocatively.” Venit denied the allegations this month, stating that “none of his conduct was sexual.”

WME also responded to the lawsuit earlier in February, stating that after Crews came forward, WME moved “both swift and serious[ly].” Crews left WME last November.