A racist bigot got what was coming to him when he was punched in the face for yelling slurs to a woman on Jan. 29. The man, who is seemingly a Trump supporter, saw Jeanne Heo on the Los Angeles Metro and began to harass her.

Heo's eyes were closed on the train before the man came up to her and asked, "Are you tired? You look sleepy." She then ignored him, but he proceeded with more questions, probing her if she was American and could speak in English. After Heo got off the train at North Hollywood station, the man would not stop bothering her.

"Where are your genetics from? Are you Korean?" Heo recalled him saying. She then began filming him as he spewed racist insults at her and posted the video on Twitter and Facebook. According to Heo, the Facebook post was later taken down because it went against the community standards. If that's the case, Facebook needs to re-evaluate its guidelines.

"This guy approached me on the metro and asked if I was American, if I spoke English. I replied yes and ignored him," Heo captioned her tweet. "When waiting outside, he approaches me again and asks where my genetics are from, if I’m from Korea. I ask him why do you wanna know and this happened."

"Fuck you, go back to Asia," the man shouted at Heo while flipping his middle finger. "Let's nuke you, Trump, god bless Trump, we're going to nuke you guys." He continued, "You're ugly and you have a flat face and an ugly nose." The man's disgusting rant soon ended when a bystander (who previously saw how the guy was treating Heo on the train) rightfully punched him in the face. "Get back in your cage, you n-ggers are all the same," he reportedly said to the bystander, who happened to be Black.

After viewing Heo's video, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department told BuzzFeed News that "it’s basically two people who are having a verbal disagreement, but no actual crime has been committed."