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Comedy Central's Drunk History—the show where a slightly inebriated storyteller narrates reenactments of historic events—aired a special Black History Month episode Tuesday night that featured the Roots' Questlove. He told the story of the birth of hip-hop, joined by O'Shea Jackson Jr. and Method Man, who gave us the breakdown of what really happened that special night in the Boogie Down Bronx. Jackson portrayed the "Father of Hip-Hop himself", DJ Kool Herc, as they reimagined the legendary underground parties where his signature style of breakbeat DJing was born.

During the episode, Quest also linked up with Drunk History co-creator Derek Waters to give a little crash course on working the turntables. Waters even managed to catch Quest off-guard with his scratching knowledge.

Continuing with the episode's theme of Black History Month, Raven Symoné also had a cameo. She appeared as Nichelle Nichols, who portrayed the revolutionary Lieutenant Uhura on Star TrekAshley Nicole Black narrated the reenactment of the fateful meeting that saw one of the most groundbreaking black actresses of the '60s in a chance encounter with none other than Martin Luther King, Jr. Turns out MLK was a huge Trekkie. 

Watch the full episode on Comedy Central's website, or peep the clip with Raven Symoné here.