You may hate your boss, but at least they never tried to rob you, (I hope). Welp, that’s exactly what happened to employees at a pizza shop in Massachusetts on Tuesday. In what sounds like a scene from the next installment of Horrible Bosses, the former manager of Northeast Pizza turned up at the restaurant, wearing a mask and carrying what was, thank god, a fake gun.

Mind you, the employees didn’t realize who was trying to rob them until the cops showed up. As video surveillance shows, the suspect climbed over the counter, before forcing one of the workers to open the cash register. Fortunately, employees manage to wrestle him down to the ground. Reportedly, the held him there until police arrived. “I was just frozen in my tracks. I didn’t have the time to think about the plan or anything like that, so I just reacted,” said one employee, Trevor Kosla. When the cops took off the suspect's mask, that’s when the workers recognized the would-be burglar as their former manager, who happened to have been fired from the restaurant last summer.

The suspect said the robbery was supposed to be a joke. Um... better not quit your day job, dude. I don’t see a Netflix special in your future any time soon. Quite understandably, neither police nor his former colleagues are buying his alleged joke, and the man now faces charges including assault in an attempted robbery.