Prep school kids often get a bad rep for being spoiled, entitled, lazy, and materialistic—among other negative adjectives. But this legal action a New York City prep school graduate recently took will...not change the stereotype.

The plaintiff, Kate Liggett, is claiming that her exclusive York Prep high school somehow acted negligent in forcing her to play a game of musical chairs (yes, the musical chairs) that resulted in her sustaining "serious personal injuries, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, distress and medical expenses," according to the New York Post. Or, more likely, a bruise on her rear end. 

Ms. Liggett's legal team believes that the school, and her teacher, Fiona Hutchinson, is at fault for failing to "properly educate participants” on the game, and creating a “dangerous situation when it knew or should have known that the game of musical chairs as played by the students in the dance class was inappropriate for the students." You really can't make this stuff up, folks.

Apparently, while playing the allegedly treacherous game of musical chairs, Liggett's classmate, Ethan Levy, pulled a chair out from under her, causing her to tragically fall and land on her tush. The suit is seeking unspecified damages from York Prep and Liggett's chair-snatching classmate, but the school's own lawyers just aren't having it.

Legal counsel for York Prep is stating that the plaintiff is at fault for any incurred injuries, citing her "own negligence or other culpable conduct" as the reason for the incident. Meanwhile, Ethan is probably reading the news and laughing, his musical chairs championship secure.