Mohamed Hadid, father of Bella and Gigi Hadid, says he'll be filing a defamation suit against 23-year-old model Miranda Vee over a claim that he raped her, according to TMZ. Hadid fiercely denies the story, calling them "totally untrue." The co-founder of Guess, Paul Marciano, is also a part of the whirlwind himself, standing accused of sexual assault against Vee before "passing" her off to Hadid.

Model Kate Upton recently accused Marciano of both sexual and emotional harassment, taking to Twitter and Instagram this week to share her disappointment "that such an iconic women’s brand GUESS is still empowering Paul Marciano as their creative director," before adding that movement-defining hashtag #metoo.

Vee made her own post on Instagram, sharing Upton's original message along with screenshots of conversations between herself and Hadid, and another with Marciano. Vee claims what was meant to be a professional meeting with Hadid, ended up being  "just me, him & champagne where he date raped me in an apartment."

Hadid admits to meeting the model in 2016, but maintains that none of the events she alluded to took place. "It was not a date and not once did I touch her," he says. He added that instead of sharing on social media, she should have contacted authorities with her allegations. It also seems that by sharing, Vee may have violated an NDA, mentioning in the caption that she was forced to sign one. Sources close to TMZ report, however, that the NDA only came into play when Vee threatened to go public the first time.

In response, Hadid says his attorneys are all set to file a defamation suit against her over the claim.