Mattel has unveiled an unnecessary sequel to the classic card game Uno.

The spin-off, aptly dubbed “Dos,” looks a lot like the original, as features numbered and colored cards that players must match to a center pile in order to get rid of their deck; however, there are several big and annoying changes with this version, as pointed out by Mashable.

In Dos, there are two center face-up piles that participants can choose to play, as oppose to the one pile in Uno. Though the cards are numbered and colored, players are only allowed to match the numbers of the top cards. For example, if a red No. 8 card tops one of the center decks, a player must add a No. 8 to the pile, regardless of what color it is. If the player doesn’t have a No. 8, then he or she can place down two cards that add up to eight, like No. 3 and a No. Matching colors is just a bonus. Per Mashable:

If you match the color of one of the cards in the center row, you get to place a card face-up in the center row at the end of your turn. If you match the colors of both center row cards, you get to put a card down at the end of your turn and the other players have to pick up an extra card.

If a player is unable to place a card down, he or she must pick from the pile until they can add to one of the center decks. There is also a Hashtag card that has a specific color, but can be played as any number. The Wild Dos card has a value of two, and can be played as any color, which will give the player the aforementioned bonus. Once a player puts down a match, the pile is discarded.

When players are left with only two cards in their deck, they must shout “Dos,” similar to the rules in Uno. Also, the individual who gets rid of his or deck first isn’t necessarily the winner. When a player gets rid of his or her deck, they will be given a certain amount of points based on the cards in their opponents’ hands. All standard cards are worth their face value, while the Wild and Hashtag cards are worth 20 and 40 points, respectively. The player who reaches 200 points first is declared the winner.

Think the game can’t get anymore whack? Think again. There are also no “Reverse,” “Skip,” or “Draw Four” cards in Dos.

According to Mashable, Dos will be sold for $4.99 at Target locations on March 9. The game will be released to other retailers beginning in August.