While out of class, Parkland students have urged politicians to pass sensible gun reform to keep assault rifles out of potential mass shooters' possessions. Student survivors have also called out conservatives, such as Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Tomi Lahren, for their terrible commentary following the Valentine's Day school shooting, which left 17 dead in South Florida.

However, these students have headed back to school, since classes have resumed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, according to The Washington Post. The climate, of course, will never be the same at MSDHS. The environment already felt eerie, with one student coming in on crutches and others wearing memorial shirts.

In addition to the memorials outside the school, students were greeted by armed officers, who will be there for the rest of the year. People stood outside with flowers and signs. There were even support dogs and ponies to comfort the students. 

While some injured and traumatized students took a seat at their desks, one did not. CNN reports that one wounded student, Samantha Fuentes, will not return to class but will still receive her diploma in order to graduate.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump still insists teachers should be armed to prevent future mass shootings. Right now, his approval rating rests at an all-time low.