Let's face it: Valentine's Day is a social construct that was made for us lowly citizens to shell out unnecessary cash every year. Some couples spend hundreds of dollars on fancy rose heart displays, expensive five-course dinners, surprise getaway trips, etc. But not Mike Pence.

Pence is clearly not here for all these extravagant plans (as well as other things) and decided to hit up a cheaper alternative—a.k.a. the drugstore—for his "I love you" gift. Pence was reportedly spotted at a CVS in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday evening making a very last-minute purchase that was most likely for his wife Karen, who Mashable points out he calls "Mother."

CBS News' White House reporter Jacqueline Alemany tweeted that she saw Pence leave the CVS on 19th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, which is just a few blocks away from the White House and the Vice President's Ceremonial Office.

While Alemany didn't disclose what the gift was, another person tweeted they saw Pence pick up some flowers. "I just saw mike pence in person today leaving a CVS," @wadesheartmate observed. "He was buying flowers at 6pm and I know it’s a privilege to say this but I’ve never been that close to someone who is so vehemently against who I am as a person and I’m honestly very uncomfortable right now."

Trying to woo your loved one with a hastily thought out last minute Valentine's Day purchase (despite Pence raking over $230,000 a year) doesn't seem like the best move, but it's the thought that counts right? Or maybe Jesus told him to not go overboard with the gifts.