Some days you just want to piss all over an elevator without any repercussions, right? Well maybe not, but that’s what one little buddy hanging out in an elevator in Chongqing, China wanted to do. But what starts as a playful video titled “Chinese boy breaks elevator with his pee pee” turns into a disaster...well, for him at least, as Vice points out.


The drama begins with security footage of a young bespectacled boy stepping into an empty elevator. After making sure the coast is clear, the boy (who has an apparently bottomless bladder) unzips his pants and begins urinating all over the elevator buttons. What boldness, what bravery, what boredom nudges a kid to fill an elevator with his own urine? Who knows. But he quickly fulfills his mission and zips up his pants, which makes me think he’s done this before.

Then lights begin flickering sinisterly, and it’s clear that the boy is now panicking. *Cue building dramatic music* He begins to hop around and frantically push at the piss buttons, so the elevator, which seems hungry for revenge, goes completely dark. The boy becomes lost in a dark, pee-filled trap of his own doing.