A known liar blatantly lied again Thursday morning, prompting truth fans to immediately call attention to said lie using this particular liar's least favorite weapon: easily Googleable facts.

After presumably finishing off his morning Filet-O-Fish smoothie amid a marathon Fox News viewing session, Trump—the guy we keep letting loiter in the White House for some reason—falsely claimed his recent State of the Union speech garnered the "highest number" of viewers in history.

This, of course, is a total fucking lie. As a variety of outlets have started pointing out in a multitude of glorious ways, Trump's claim isn't even remotely accurate. For example, BBC News noted, President Barack Obama's first official State of the Union speech back in 2010 bagged 48 million viewers. George W. Bush, still riding a wave of post-9/11 whateverism in 2003, pulled in more than 62 million. Other years with better-than-Trump numbers include 2002, 1998, 1994, and more. See for yourself.

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The Trump administration has a long history of bullshitting. Lest we forget, this week marked the one-year anniversary of Kellyanne Conway making up a massacre to justify Trump's proposed Muslim ban. Bowling Green Massacre, which is not a real thing that actually happened, was promptly memed.

By January, Trump had already logged more than 2000 lies since taking office.