Attention all Instagram stalkers, you're going to have to get more creative. The social media platform is making quite the move: calling you out for taking screenshots of another user’s IG story. Oh man...

According to Dazed Digital, some users have already been receiving in-app warnings for this kind of behavior. Apparently, the first time Insta lets it slide but cautions that a second offense will be flagged to the other user. So much for keeping tabs on your frenemy or trifling ex. (By the way, you should also know that Instagram already rats you out for screenshotting disappearing messages.)

Tech Crunch is reporting that IG has exercised precisely zero chill, selecting a group of accounts to participate in a trial program that lets users know when they’re being creeped upon. If another user has recorded or snapped a story, that person will appear in the users stories’ "seen by" list with a little camera shutter next to their name. For current or former Snapchat users, the feature is nothing new, but it could be the reason some users stick to one platform or another. 

Naturally, the internet has already found a way for stalkers to circumvent getting caught in the act. If your thirst to creep is that real, here’s what you do: after you load the story, turn your phone to airplane mode before taking a screenshot—reportedly, this will prevent the stalkee from getting notified. You can also download the story from the IG website or use a third party app like Story Reposter. Why am I telling you this, though? (And by you, I mean my ex.)