Whoever says today’s younger people are apathetic toward politics could not be more wrong. Students who survived the tragic shooting at Majory Stoneman Douglas High School are taking the issue of gun control into their own hands and taking Congress by the short and curlys. Last week, they announced that they will not be going back until “changes have been made.”

Survivor Alex Wind, 17, and four friends co-founded the group “Never Again MSD.” He told the Washington Post that members of the group have resolved not to return to school until Congress does something substantive about guns. If there were ever time for a literary applause break, it would be now. 

“This isn’t about politicians; this is about victims.” said Wind. “We will not let those 17 people die in vain because, if nothing gets done, I am not going back to school, David Hogg will not be going back to school, Cameron Kasky will not be coming back to school, Emma Gonzalez will not be going back to school. None of us from the Never Again movement will be going back to school until legislation has been passed, and until changes have been made.”

Survivors of the shooting have been impressively outspoken on Congress and the president’s failure to take action on guns, even in the wake of mass violence. Emma Gonzalez, whom Wind mentioned, delivered a heart-wrenching and spectacularly brazen speech at an anti-gun rally, calling out Trump himself for the over $30 million in support he received from the National Rifle Association.

Never Again MSD has amassed thousands of followers on social media. Their Twitter page links to the “March For Our Lives” demonstration, which will take place in Washington D.C. on Saturday, March 24. As per the march’s website, organizers encourage communities around the country to organize their own local demonstrations in solidarity.