There's not a single person among us who actually needs a flamethrower, as the process of throwing flames isn't really something any of us will ever have to do. Still, Elon Musk—the mastermind behind SpaceX and the co-founder of Tesla Inc.—started selling Boring Company throwers of flames last month.

Predictably, the flamethrowers were a quick sellout.

Even more predictably, Boring flamethrowers—or, rather, alleged Boring flamethrowers—are now going for some seriously fucked up prices on eBay. As Mashable spotted Friday, they're selling for as high as $20,000 via the Buy It Now option. Other listings place the devices in the mildly more reasonable single-digit thousands range. For what it's worth, Musk originally sold them for a mere $500.

A Boring spokesperson has pushed back against notions of danger associated with the act of throwing flames using a Boring device, telling CNET that their throwers ares safer than what one could find "on Amazon to destroy weeds." The product, the spokesperson added, is intended to be "thrilling without danger," like a roller coaster.

Just to be safe, Musk is shipping each of the 20,000 flamethrowers with a complimentary Boring fire extinguisher, because nothing's more in immediate need of extinguishing quite like a boring fire.