Following the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, students from across the country have staged protests and walkouts to advocate for stricter gun control. Students in Tom's River, New Jersey, Bakersfield, California, Battle Creek, Michigan, and Iowa City, Iowa all participated in demonstrations last week in solidarity with Parkland students. The survivors of the Parkland shooting are also organizing a national protest in Washington, D.C. called the March For Our Lives, which has already raised millions with financial support from Oprah, George Clooney, and others.

Some students, however, could be facing disciplinary action for protesting. Last week, a school district in Texas vowed to suspend students who plan on participating in any sort of demonstration. As BuzzFeed News points out, Colleges are now ensuring students who are disciplined for protesting gun laws that they will not be penalized during their college admissions process. Here is a list where you can see all of the admissions offices that have released statements regarding discipline related to the #NeverAgain movement. Check out a few of the colleges that have made pledges to students below.