The California Democratic Party is having their stubborn moment.

The political party decided against endorsing any candidates in the upcoming gubernatorial and United States Senate races this fall.

The Los Angeles Times reports on Saturday, the party declined to support veteran Senator Dianne Feinstein, who previously served as mayor of San Francisco and also represented California in Congress since 1992.

Additionally, the California Democratic Party did not endorse a candidate for governor. However, this was a much more expected and predictable move.

Feinstein has a competent rival. According to POLITICO, 57 percent of delegates preferred state Senate leader Kevin de León to 37 percent who favored incumbent Feinstein's re-election. However, for the party to formally endorse a candidate, a candidate must receive at least 60 percent of the vote. That's precisely why the party has declined to support anyone.

León's appeal comes from his resistance to the Trump administration, especially since many of Feinstein's opponents consider her too close to the Democratic establishment. The New York Times reports he recently delivered a striking speech about Democrats in the era of Trump. During this appearance, he mentioned how many activists perceived Feinstein as sympathetic towards Trump's horrendous policies.

In Trump's America, Democrats have been subject to tremendous criticism for centrist stances following Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, which equally pushed for Democratic socialism and critics of Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton