True to form, Breitbart News tweeted some heinously racist noise on Super Bowl Sunday. Apparently, even this tweet was just too racist by their abysmal standards. The so-called news outlet sent a brazenly Islamophobic tweet that imagined a conversation between a Muslim child and his grandfather.

First of all, they refer to the kid as “lil Muhammad.” Then, if that weren’t problematic enough, the fictional child asks, “Grampa, what’s a Super Bowl?” The grandfather explains, “Well, lil’ Muhammad, back when the kuffar ran things, they stitched up filthy pig skins, moved them around painted lines, and shoved each other. There was secular music and alcohol–A very haram affair!”

The attached photo is of black Patriots players kneeling. I’ll give you a moment for an infuriated pause.

breitbart has deleted this tweet (i took a screenshot earlier this AM)

— kelsey sutton 😶 (@kelseymsutton) February 5, 2018

So yes, if one is to extrapolate, Breitbart wants you to think that America and the NFL are somehow at risk because of...Islam?

Breitbart deleted the tweet a whopping 12 hours after they posted it. “We have deleted a tweet that did not meet or editorial standards,” the company said on Monday afternoon.

We have deleted a tweet that did not meet our editorial standards.

— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) February 5, 2018

Also, kindly note the absence of an actual apology in that hapless follow-up tweet.