Bill Nye educated and entertained a generation of kids with his fun approach to science, and now, he's continuing to lead the effort in giving us the low down on all aspects of modern science, including marijuana, on his new Netflix series. Everybody's favorite science guy now hosts the Netflix show, Bill Nye Saves the Worldand in a recent episode, he tackled the anomalies and complexities of the weed industry—from a scientific perspective, of course.

Nye spoke to Rolling Stone to set the record straight on some of his opinions regarding marijuana, but overall it seems like he extends the same enthusiasm and intrigue to the pot leaf that he does to global climate change. "Scientific study is of great value, and I think marijuana is worthy of scientific study. Nobody is quite sure how it works. That right there is a chin-stroker," he said in typical Bill Nye-fashion.

Nye admits that he isn't an avid user, but recognizes the need to further research marijuana as a drug with potential medical benefits. "I myself, let us understand, I don't really like smoking marijuana. But you guys, knock yourselves out." Nye looked to Israeli scientist Raphael Mechoulam for info on the topic. "[The] program in Israel was for us the most compelling and reasonable analysis. People there get very well-documented benefits from marijuana use as a medicine in various forms. So this is worthy of investigation."

While Nye was quick to affirm the benefits of further research into marijuana, he also made sure to mention that, like all substances, it should be moderated. "If you want to smoke marijuana you should be able to smoke it. We should have the same controls that we have on other substances," he said. So there we have it, folks. Bill Nye has basically given marijuana his stamp of approval. He cautions, however, that just as he likes to enjoy a good martini, smokers should take heed of the phrase, "All things in moderation."

You can stream Bill Nye's marijuana-centric episode of Bill Nye Saves the World on Netflix now.