Everyone loves an emoji here and there (usually), but 157 new emojis?! OMFG! Texters rejoice, the massive upgrade is coming later this year.

After several months, Unicode, the people responsible for our pictographic friends across all platforms, finally approved the new emojis this week, Business Insider pointed out. The new gang includes a peacock (YAS!), a pirate flag, a lacrosse stick, and redheads. There's also a fire extinguisher for when your man/woman starts ripping you a new one over text. Emoji 11.0 will bring the total number of emojis to 2,821, according to Jeremy Burge of ​Emojipedia

Burge did us all a solid and rendered the new emojis in an “Apple-like-style,” giving us all a sneak peak of what they will look like when we start using them in iMessage. Burge also made a helpful video, designating the precise meaning behind each emoji. I still remember finding out prayer hands may or may not actually mean high-five. I was devastated. There are also some new curly-haired additions. It’s worth noting that all six skin tones will be available for the new characters. Props to Unicode for making the world of emojis more inclusive than our own. By the way, the Northeast definitely could have used that cold face emoji last month. Sheesh.