First there were pole dancing robots, then there was the world's first robotic citizen Sophia The Robot, and now, using sex dolls and virtual reality, you can have “virtual intercourse with real people.”

The adult cam website CamSoda is offering the entertainment experience, virtual intercourse—or VIRP—through the use of VR headsets and internet-connected sex toys.

Basically, CamSoda’s webcam models use Wi-Fi-enabled vibrators to hook up to “male masturbators” (i.e. the sex doll), which are owned by the viewers. When the performers use the vibrators, the sensation is sent to the masturbator as “pressure data” and simulates intercourse. This pre-established type of technology is called teledildonics, but what CamSoda is doing differently is inserting masturbators in life-size sex dolls and virtual reality headsets. According to CamSoda VP Daryn Parker, this combined user experience allows for “ultimate sensory experience, one that mimics real-life interaction.”

If you’re considering VIRP, be aware that it is a little costly. CamSoda is partnering with the sex doll company RealDoll, and the dolls sell for thousands of dollars. Users will also need a male masturbator—LoveSense Max makes the only one that exists—and a VR headset.

Parker told The Verge that only around 30 percent of the company’s 300 or so performers have the Wi-Fi-connected vibrator. But he’s sure it’ll be a hit among users. “We know there is an audience because we hear it from our users and models. They are seeking ways to get closer and have more physical interaction,” says Parker. “We’ve had a number of employees, beta users, and models try out the experience. All of them were blown away by the interactive capabilities,” he said. CamSoda is working on a version for women.

When The Verge asked if the technology is a bit odd, Parker came to VIRP’s defense, comparing it to an item we use daily: cell phones. “Fifteen years ago people thought cell phones were weird and unnecessary. Look at them today,” he noted. “While there may be some initial hesitation, I anticipate people acquiescing and seeing this for what it is—an awesome product that fulfills people’s deepest desires.”

Hopefully, we don’t see the day where life-size, virtual reality, vibrating sex dolls are as pervasive as cell phones.